What is Revenue Based Financing?

Revenue based finance is a flexible type of business lending that allows you to repay the loan based on a percentage of your turnover and as such the repayment amount is directly tied to your success. So, if you’re doing well and growing fast, repayments will be higher and you’ll pay off your loan faster but if business is slower your repayments will be smaller and as such help to alleviate any financial pressure.

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Advantages of a revenue loan

Revenue based finance helps you stay in control, as you’ll benefit from flexible loan terms that move as you do, meaning you’ll only pay back the same percentage regardless of your success.

If your business does well early on, you could end up with a very short loan term and growth that wouldn’t have been possible without an upfront injection of capital.

How do revenue loans work?

Say you want to borrow £50,000 to buy some new equipment. We’ll look at your turnover and determine if the repayments for the amount you need is affordable for your business. Once that’s agreed, we need to establish the repayment percentage of your future turnover.

ie. If in your first month it’s £40,000, at 10% repayment would be £4,000. If your next month turnover was slower with a £20,000 revenue, your repayment would reduce to £2,000.

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Is revenue finance a good fit for your business?

Any type of business can apply and benefit for revenue-based finance. That said, some businesses are particularly drawn to it because of their business type or business model.

Seasonal businesses

Some businesses have busy periods that keep them running when things are quieter. Traditional forms of business finance often see seasonal businesses struggling to repay their loans during these quieter periods, or having to be extra careful with budgeting to make sure they have enough cash in the bank to see quiet spells through. Because businesses taking revenue based finance only pay an agreed percentage of their turnover each month, it’s well suited to ones that don’t have consistent revenue streams all year round.

Subscription-based business

Subscription-based businesses usually have steady and predictable streams of income, making it easier to work out how much they can afford to repay each month.

Because of this, revenue based finance could be a good way of raising capital, with the comfort of knowing your repayments will decrease if business slows up for any reason.

Startups & younger businesses

If you run a startup with a promising future, but lack trading history for traditional business finance then you’re likely to be drawn to revenue based finance. This form of business finance allows you to get the cash you need upfront, while only having to repay at a rate that’s proportional to your growth. If your business is slower than expected, you won’t be left struggling to repay your monthly installments.


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